Things to know about Daruma – Japanese lucky doll

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Daruma is a kind of Lucky Doll in traditional Japanese. In recent years, Daruma has become attractive to young people because of their meaning. So what is Daruma, what do they mean? Here’s what everyone needs to know about the career Daruma – Japanese lucky doll.

Bup Be May Man Nhat Ban Daruma 2

Daruma is a lucky doll that is commonly used in Japan

The origin of the Daruma

Japanese Daruma dolls were first known in the years 1603 – 1867, its shape is like a circle simulating the shape of Buddha Bodhidharma (Bodhidharma) with their legs crossed and their hands folded close to the body.

Daruma is a kind of doll with no arm or leg, it is similar to tumbler toys that regularly see today. Daruma dolls represent a Japanese saying: “If you stumble 7 times, get up 8 times”. The resilience of slumping as a symbol of resilience and willpower. Therefore, Daruma is often chosen as a gift during birthdays, holidays or examinations, important occasions.

Daruma represents the will of resilience.

Daruma’s hometown is the Takasaki region, up to 1.7 million dolls is produced each year by more than 80 skilled craftsmen. The Daruma from Takasaki will be distributed everywhere in the land of the rising sun.

The making of Daruma 

Many people mistakenly believe that Daruma is made entirely of wood, but the truth is that Daruma is made from traditional Japanese paperboard. At first, a layer of paper will be pasted onto an existing wood frame, then very skillful craftmsmen will paint and draw on the paper with decorative patterns. There are at least 16 steps to completely create a Daruma.

The special thing about Daruma is that all processes of making a Daruma doll are completely hand-crafted, that make each Daruma carries different expressions. The size of each Daruma is also heterogeneous, depending on each employee’s notion.

Daruma is made entirely by hand.

The meaning of Daruma

At first glance, Daruma’s career seemed fierce, but it has very peaceful meanings. In Japan, almost everyone owns a Daruma doll, in addition to implying riches, it is like a lucky charm and success in career and life. Outside the paint, Daruma is not only decorated with motifs but also painted with the word “うれしい” meaning that happiness will come to the owner. Daruma dolls are often colorful and each color has a different meaning. As red is a symbol of rich and precious money, yellow is a symbol of bumper and pink meaning blessing, good luck…

Different color Daruma means different things.

Daruma is the 2nd most popular lucky symbol in Japan after Maneki Neko. So if you want to have a good job or everything is going well, own a meaningful Daruma doll. This is also a meaningful gift to give to relatives and friends on important occasions such as exam or new year.

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