Lucky Cat in lost Japanese town in Canada

When the friendly waitress handed me this plate during dinner at a Japanese restaurant this past weekend, I knew there would be a story to share. Kudos restaurant is very near an old wooden house and covered with vines on a tiny street in a small Vancouver Island town where you wouldn’t expect to find […]

Maneki Neko Festival in Seto, Japan

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Each year at the end of September, in Seto, Japan (about 25 kilometres away from Nagoya) celebrates Maneki Neko, the cat that brings good fortune. The Lucky Cats appear all over the city (for merchandise in shops and on the front door of stores along  the streets, on the display in restaurants and venues), children […]

A visit to Asakusa and Imado Shrine – The Land of Maneki Neko

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Twin beckoning cats welcome visitors to Imado Shrine in Asakusa, Tokyo Asakusa is one of the main attractions in Tokyo, for both Japanese and foreign tourists. Getting there is easy. The Asakusa subway line and the Ginza subway line both stop there. Asakusa is the the area that surrounds Senso-ji, a large temple complex with […]

Latest Lucky Cat trend in Japan

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HOT MANIKI NEKO NEWS FLASH! According to the Chunichi Newspaper, the type of best selling Maneki Neko has changed drastically since 2008. From around 2000 to 2007, 90% of the lucky cats sold in Tokoname, one of the main pottery towns in Aichi prefecture, had their left paw up, to attract customers and 10% of […]

About Us

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Hello world, we are Tsubasa & Duncan, the co-founders of Two Japanese best friends with a mutual passion to keep the Japanese traditional art spirits and to introduce our culture to the world. Maneki Neko is a very old and unique symbol in our country that people believe will bring luck, health, happiness and […]

All about Maneki Neko – The “Lucky Cat”

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A very familiar image but few people know this cat well!  Maneki Neko – “The cat waving his hand” or “The Lucky Cat”, “The Beckoning Cat” is a very popular statue in Japan, China, Korea or Vietnam. It usually made of ceramic or porcelain, it sculpted a short-tailed cat holding up “hands” to look like […]

The meaning of the Japanese Lucky Cat – Maneki Neko

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Let’s thoroughly understand the meaning of the lucky cat or Maneki Neko! In addition to the smiling face that gives a happy feeling to the exhibition space, the display of the lucky cat has other meanings hidden deep behind. To help you understand this most popular lucky symbol in Japan, I will first introduce to […]

Things to know about Daruma – Japanese lucky doll

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Daruma is a kind of Lucky Doll in traditional Japanese. In recent years, Daruma has become attractive to young people because of their meaning. So what is Daruma, what do they mean? Here’s what everyone needs to know about the career Daruma – Japanese lucky doll. Daruma is a lucky doll that is commonly used […]

4 Things that you must know when buying Maneki Neko for your store

In recent years, the phrases “Lucky Cat” or “Maneki Neko” must become more popular for business people, as this is considered the No. 1 mascot to bring fortune to your business. Because of the demand of this cat, there are too many designs and types of cats on the market. And when you choose to […]