4 Things that you must know when buying Maneki Neko for your store

In recent years, the phrases “Lucky Cat” or “Maneki Neko” must become more popular for business people, as this is considered the No. 1 mascot to bring fortune to your business. Because of the demand of this cat, there are too many designs and types of cats on the market. And when you choose to buy the cat for your shop, you could be confused? There are 4 things that you must know to choose the right cat for your store!

1. Colors

With a variety of customer needs, the Lucky Cat – Maneki Neko has a variety of colors: red, yellow, black, pink, blue and most commonly white. But it is no coincidence that the Fidget Cat has so many colors. Each color has its own meaning that you should know:

– White: Bring peace, happiness
– Black: Safe, ward off evil, evil
– Red: Avoid evil and disease.
– Pink: not a traditional color, but now it is very popular in praying for love
– Green: Advantages in studying.
– Gold: symbolizes prosperous wealth
From the above meanings, do you know which color of the cat will fit your store?

2. Cat waving or raising his hand?

Fidget Cat (Lucky Cat) Maneki Neko has 3 types:

  • Cat waving left foot brings more customers.
  • The right cat waving the right leg brings more luck and money.
  • Bringing both legs is a protection for the family and business.

Therefore, Maneki Neko with a left leg raised up is often seen in shops, restaurants and right-handed legs often seen in business centers. People also believe that the higher the foot, the more customers, money and luck will come to the store.

3. Cat accessories

Do you notice on the body of cats often have many accessories such as: gold ingots, coins, hammers … each item also has its own meaning.

– Kanji copper: is an ancient gold coin from the Edo period, symbolizing fortune. 1 kanji is counted as a ryou and the money that Maneki Neko has is worth up to 10 million ryou.

– Drums, axes, fans, sentences: expressing family style.

– Fish, maybe a carp (Koi fish): a symbol of prosperity and luck, a talent, a success when taking examinations.

– Lottery: prevent disaster or disease.

– Turtle: peace, prosperity.

– Gold ingot: wealth.

When choosing to buy the Lucky Cat – Maneki Neko for your store, people usually choose the cat with gold and kanji coins.

4. Cat size suitable for store

Before going to the store to buy a Maneki Neko, don’t forget to take a look at your store space and arrange a nice location to put the cat.. The God of Maneki Neko on the market today has various sizes from 4 – 30cm.

With the notes above, we hope you can choose the suitable Maneki Neko statue to bring luck, customers and fortune to your business.

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